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I replayed the game for the secret room at the end. I was in tears again by the end. I still love this game and I can't wait for future projects of yours


Amazing! I really like the overall atmosphere the game provides. It makes the story all the more engaging. Looking forward to playing more games from you. Cheers!


Was a very nice game.


It's really a fantastic game, I loved it. Could I translate this game to portuguese?


This game is so adorable. It had me in tears.


Hello, i really like your lovely game and well i translated the game into Vietnamese ^^

Giselle - Vietnamese translation


this game made me genuinely cry (feeling kinda stupid about it, but yeah), it was a good one, thank you for making it :)


Interesting short "horror" game, has some interesting puzzles that could use some clues, the story is really nice although nothing particularly original. If you want a nice little horror experience is really good.But don't expect any amazing plotwists.

The art style and Illustrations are amazing and work really well with the theme of the game and it also has a really good gameplay flow.

Lo dejo en español, traducido por voz. Lo disfruté mucho, y al final se me hizo corto... Por suerte caí en ambos finales (Y primero el malo), lo cual no me habría hecho emocionar tanto ver el bueno. Un juego impecable!! Felicitaciones!!

"No enfrentes tus problemas solo" - GISELLE - (Juego Completo - Español) - YouTube

Short but engaging game touching on some dark topics with amazing art! 

An amazing game. That's how it really feels when being depressed. Very nicely depicted and it looks great too!

I made a video playing it aswell 

really cute one with lovable ending

hello! can i translate your RPG game into Russian?

This really captured how it feels to be heavily depressed
thank you so much for such an amazing game :>


sobbed so hard

 love it

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This was a short yet, rewarding game about someone facing themselves. I could understand and relate to the struggles your character was going through and enjoyed getting to know more about her through playing the game. I love the visuals as well, the art is really well made. Good job! 

Thank you for the game! 

i really enjoyed it until the end ~ 

I just played the game and gosh, I really enjoyed it!

First of all, your art style is really pretty^^  So I  was very happy about the big amount of CGs in this game :D The pixelart is included in that :3 The whole map looked very cool and abstract (which was a good way to show how Giselle perceives her surroundings)

The puzzles were also very fun, creative and not difficult - which is very good for me, cuz I struggle with them sometimes TvT My favorite puzzle was the eclipse-puzzle :3

As for the story... I was also very touched by the good ending!! Without spoiling anything, it even made me cry a bit :') (but positively) 

All in all, I enjoyed this game a lot and I'm looking forward to your future games (^v^)/

Just finished the game and good god is it incredible!

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Aww, this was such a fun game!I loved the art, your style is really pretty.

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