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It's a good game, I like the story, although it's short, it has a lot of meaning.

I made a video on Youtube, you can watch it if you want.

Really loved the art of the game, and the puzzles were complex enough to be enjoyable. It was better than the last couple of 2D games I played. It was also nice to see so many CG images in the game, it really made the story moments pop out.

Looking forward to other games.


Me encanto! <3

Hi, I loved the game too much, I just had a little question, what is the name of the song that plays on the home screen?

Falling Star by Dar Golan :>

Thank you!!

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My gosh, I felt like I was watching a movie, I was in such a captivated state.😱😍 I didn't even know that there were 2 endings until I saw it on the site.🤭 I was so happy to get a good ending first try. 🥰I LOVED voicing the characters!! I got a little bit emotional at the end. I'm so sorry if you're going through this or went through it not long ago.🥰 KEEP FIGHTING AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!😁👍

una pregunta preguntona, esta en español, y si no es así.. van a sacar una versión en tal idioma en algún futuro?

Solamente en inglés hasta el momento que vi. Pero si te sirve, yo subí traduciéndolo :)

"No enfrentes tus problemas solo" - GISELLE - (Juego Completo - Español) - YouTube

gracias y que buen spam te mandaste jaajajaj 

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Jjaja hay que aprovechar!! Un abrazo!!! 

I haven’t played a game of this scale that’s brought with it this much raw emotion in a long time; I’m glad I got to experience it! Overall, it was an excellent game, and its message resonates very well. Although it was short, I still grew attached to the protagonist. As well as the progress they make throughout the story, complete with both heartwarming and heartbreaking moments.

The art throughout the different scenes and for the character sprites is well done and adds to the personality of the game. Alongside this, the music lends itself well to the atmosphere and mood. The riddles/puzzles themselves were on the easy side, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps everything flowing nicely and avoids frustration. Also, the addition of a detailed walkthrough is a nice touch.

I’m not sure if this is your first attempt at making a game, but regardless, you’ve done a great job at taking some very delicate subject matter and turning it into a story with a believable main character; I hope that you keep making games!

If it’s okay, linked above is a video I made of my time with the game.

Make sure you take of yourself and thank you for the game!

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I really like playing games like these. I hope that you make more!

i feel guilty i got the bad ending first, i pressed to fast

Really loved this game. It was so touching and you really handle the heavy topics in this game very well. I can't wait to see more games from you.

I really loved this game a really touching small game. The puzzles weren't too hard or easy.
I felt really moved by Giselle's story and I am really pleased that I got the good ending.                          I hope you will keep making games as will definitely play them.                                                        Real good work. 

My gameplay video


Its been a while since I’ve played a RPG maker game like this. Overall a great lesson and story where the puzzles did get me a couple of times :D


I was thrilled with this game. The gameplay is simple, but that's not a problem, the puzzles are fun, the music fits perfectly into the scenes making the game more exciting and finally the arts are very well done. Playing this game was an amazing experience.


This is really amazing! Can't say good enough such a piece of art with deep meaning.

Congratulations, indeed! 

Now the complete playthrough with both endings (at the moment of recording):


Really loved this game! Needed to record two videos about it, due to lack of time on the first video.

But damn! What a fine piece of indie game! Please keep developing this kind of games (even a sequel or prequel sounds good).


I honestly loved this game, from the reletable main character to the musics and the little puzzles that even I (a person that sucks with puzzles) could understand. I felt so sad after the bad ending (I tried bopth, the good one is adorable). 10/10 game!


Thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed :> <3


Is there a MacOS version? If not it's a great game anyways, saw a gameplay of it and really loved it

Not yet :( 

Thank you!


oh man how i wished this was longer

most puzzle games get you walking miles to find a small piece of object and gives you little to no hints TT im alr bad at puzzle games so it doesnt make it any btr this was v ez and fun  :)

I’m glad you liked it! I’ll make longer games in the future :>

Your game is beutifull and very great way to tell how a person feels like trough thoose type of times. Im also wondering. May i know where you created the game? Im sorry if this is a bad question or smt like that. but i just really want to know since the game looks SO cool and beutifull

I used RPG maker vx ace :> 

You’re very kind, ty!


thank you! Have a nice day :]


Great game! and very important to play, you handled this game with great care and understanding! I was not going to post this video because I ended up getting choked up and crying at the end, but I also wanted to post because it was raw and real and important to show to my subscribers.
I also wanted to play more because I wanted to get the other ending, but emotionally, I couldn't do it at the time, maybe another day. Great work!

Thank you so much for playing! :’) <3

Undoubtedly an interesting game, with an introspective and even deep plot. Certainly a message to get across. Congratulations on your game.

Thank you for playing!! 


I'm glad to have played this, this reminded me of a time in my life quite some time ago, I even ended up rambling a bit at the end. 

Tysm for playing!

I love your commentary, subscribed! 

OH RAD thank you, keep it up, you got good creative vision

i love ur voice acting for the characters! wonderful video!!!!!!! (⁖

Thank you so much! I'm striving to be a voice actor so i'm ecstatic to hear you say that


This was a beautiful game. It was so touching at the end. Keep up the great work! 

Tysm for playing!! ^_^

Short, simple and sweet. I also loved the music. 

For all the Giselle out there, you matter to me.


Found a bug! If you click on this space ("interact with this space" might be a more correct term) then the controls stop working... except for the save button, which is exactly what you DON'T want to do after you've broken the game!!!

Ah crap!! Thank you ;-; I’ll fix it right away! 

I’m glad you liked it :> Thanks for playing! 


I really enjoyed this! the music was amazing as well as the story and the message behind it the puzzles were challenging but fun and i really didnt mind going through the game multiple times over to see the story through all that much great job and a amazing message! Here's my playthrough if you wanna see!

Tysm for playing!! :>

I cant get the game to start? Its stuck on the main screen? help?

Oh no! I’m not sure what the problem is :( try re-downloading and if it doesn’t work, send me a dm on instagram and ill try my best to help.  

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Mental illness/depression is always a touchy subject and I think you handled it with care. The quality of the art and writing is superb for something you made in 3 days. The main character of my latest game goes through something similar to Giselle. So I was able to appreciate the game even more.

I absolutely agree with that. Speaking from experience, Mine fits aren't violent to anyone except myself. Mental health does NOT get the funding nor the facilitates, plus sanitary place for specific individuals who CAN be a harm to themselves and to others; now a days just just want to put them in a room like jail, complete sensory depletion; only making the situation worse! And the fact a LOT of this is UNDIAGNOSED until they are adult and had to suffer with people brushing it off, and just calling them 'Crazy',. when so many times they cannot control their actuations or thoughts alone. With this economy Psychiatrists cannot do 'pro-bono' work or that would be their full time job and THEY'D be broke too. I just was fortunate to be diagnosed with SABD (Schizoaffective Behavioral disorder out of absolutely no where. Luckily I was given the 'mental tools *(Squishes, anything that has a spinner, so I can multi task, and I'm 32!Ive learned to calm myself down and not get on a stage where I cannot come back from. That's why sop many young people are acting out. they want to be seen, heard, paid attention to; but their parents ship them off to school where they get bullied even more. There were the the times I COULDN'T calm myself and if I didn't, after a certain amount of time trying I have to try sitting in my closet in pitch black for my own sensory deprivation ,  or I simply I leave the room unnoticed. They just think its 'Playful children, and its "normal" but so many times its not and its not what they need. I am very glad you brought this up. Because one of these days and so many in the past it went un noticed, or refused to noticed, and that's where we get the violence, the mass shootings, anything that was because no would listen. I am NOT excusing their behavior, but maybe if someone listened to them, the out come would have been different.. maybe not; fuck, I don't know. Just be kind, you never know what someone is mentally or physically going through whether you choose to acknowledge it or not,... its still there. Just Look.

Gave it a lets play :) I like your cute little character-style.


Thank you for playing! :>

np, Yuum


Hello to who's seeing this! I thoroughly enjoyed going through the game GISELLE and everything that is it in. It has a bit of a lot of emotions & feelings put into a 20-40 minute adventure. I was rooting for Giselle and telling her that everything is ok, and that she is not alone, she should not feel those thoughts that she did while alone in her room! Do what you want to do, rock your favourite hair style etc! Thank you Yuumsarte for making this game! ^o^


Great game, i like the puzzles, i wish if there more, anyway thank you for making it hope to see more from you :)

Thank you so much for playing! My next game will be much longer for sure :>

Glad to know :)

I will be happy to play it thank you :)


Hello, I played your game and absolutely LOVED it .Thank you so much for making it. I recorded my play through and uploaded it on yt. Hope that's OK. Lemme know if I should remove it.

Thank you so much for playing aaaaa !!!

Thanks Devs for this wonderful game!!! 😊~ 

Please Support my Channel~

Thank you for playing! ^_^

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Thanks for playing!! 

Can you email me and maybe you can make an tuturiol on how to make this, or maybe a template? If you want my discord copy this: Arth3r#6996. this is the kind of game i wanna make and i'm clueless at coding and such, thanks.


I used RPG Maker Vx Ace, its basically made for games like this :> it’s very easy to use, so just look up some tutorials and you’ll get the hang of it!

Oh ok! Thanks so much! I looked on steam and it was like 70 bucks. Thankfully it has a free trial. I will watch some tutorials. Again, thanks.

either i'm really stupid, or i just can't figure it out, something about the scrolling text that i want to do. It just frustraits me so, oh well...

DM me on instagram and I’ll try to help you! 


cried at that second ending , I LOVE IT !! I like the art so much too!! 


How do you erase a letter when typing things? Sorry if I sound stupid lol

It’s okay!! you don’t, haha. 

Press X on your keyboard :> I should include that in the controls-

Got it, thanks!


Your game made me cry.

Thank you so much for playing!  Watching this made ME cry dude :’)

A kindred spirit. Thank you for watching.


i love it sm, literally one of my fav games


it was my greatest honor to have witnessed this game from 0 to release :>

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